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Almost Hatching Time: Nest Notes for Dec 14-20

 Harriet and Ozzie have many years of experience in eaglet rearing. They employ all their instincts and skills preparing for their soon to be baby eaglets. As the time draws closer to egg hatching, they work tirelessly taking turns on the nest incubating. Harriet took the opportunity to enjoy a few afternoons perched in the pasture trees preening and relaxing. She may sense the long hours and amount of energy needed to raise their young over the next several months. Ozzie and Harriet have a consistent rhythm sharing nest duties. It will take both of their efforts to tend to the sweet little “bobbleheads” clamoring around the nest “squeeing” for another meal. Harriet and Ozzie keep a careful watch on the eggs seeming to feel the movement inside.

Harriet brought her holiday pine decorations to the nest and Ozzie brought soft grasses for egg cup additions. The view of Harriet and Ozzie resting on the eggs with all the mosses and grasses tucked in around them looks as comfy and cozy. Ozzie delivered fish and other food morsels to Harriet who voiced her approval as he approached the nest.

There were several visits by juvenile eagles to the nest and the territory. One sub adult Eagle landed above the nest as Ozzie lay incubating. Since the visitor seemed to pose no threat, Ozzie guarded the eggs and gave the full alert call. Ozzie let the visitor know that he had his eye on him but then Ozzie settled back down to incubating. The sub adult stayed for over an hour until Harriet arrived to drive the visitor away. Many speculate that the visitors may be offspring of Harriet and Ozzie but there is no way of knowing for sure. It is interesting to know that there are juvenile Eagles surviving out in the world.

All are in awe of this magnificent Eagle pair, Harriet and Ozzie as they continue laying the foundation for the hatching of their future offspring and the beginning of new journeys in the tender lives of two little eaglets.

Summary by dadsjazz

Harriet arrived with a pine bough. She and Ozzie drove away the sub adult Eagle. (Urdognu)
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Harriet enjoying the day preening, stretching and relaxing. (wskrsnwings)
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Ozzie to the nest with a food offering, Harriet looks cozy. (Urdognu)
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Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Urdognu

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