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Nest Notes: Christmas Miracles

Harriet and Ozzie patiently await the arrival of their special gifts. Hatching time for their eggs is nearing quickly. Harriet experienced balancing issues over the last several days. Not wanting to speculate what Harriet’s problem was, all were expecting a miracle and hoping for her quick recovery. Harriet’s strength, courage and dedication to her young are evident as she struggles to regain her health. Harriet enjoyed a bath in their pond and continued caring for her precious eggs. Ozzie kept a watchful eye and took extra care in his nest duties and protection of Harriet and future eaglets. Instinct drives them in their survival. Nature is both beautiful and difficult at times. Harriet and Ozzie have proven their bond and the stamina they have to endure what Eagle life puts in their path.

Many cultures have Holiday customs to express gratitude and joy for the blessings in their lives. At this magical time of year, all involved in this adventure are thankful to be inspired by this wonderful Eagle Pair, Harriet and Ozzie. 

Summary by dadsjazz

Harriet falls forward and has been unbalance the last few days. (Urdognu)
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Ozzie greets Harriet with tender beaking. (Urdognu)
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Harriet enjoying a healing bath. (Wskrsnwings)
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Video by Urdognu

Video by wskrsnwings

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