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Life with Eaglets! Nest Notes for Jan 4-11

The first two weeks of Eagle life has provided nestlings E5 and E6 with many valuable lessons. Harriet and Ozzie are exceptional and well seasoned Eagle parents. They have successfully hunted and brought a smorgasbord of meals to the nest. Fish is the meal of choice but Ozzie’s keen eye for food opportunities allowed him to deliver opossum, duck and some items that remain a mystery. All meals were met with anticipation and excitement by E5 and E6 as they tracked the incoming food and wrangled their way to the front to grab the offerings.

Food has been plentiful and the Family has been observed sharing evening meals on the nest with both parents feeding E5 and E6. Harriet seems to maintain control over the food and how it is doled out t. It is amazing to see how the rotation of the leftovers is managed. Ozzie appears to eat the older fragments of food or remove what is not edible. Harriet takes the fresher catches to feed E5 and E6. Ozzie has been known to sneak a few bites and was caught with his “talon in the fish jar” on a few occasions. There were several serious “conversations” about his actions and a few “tug-o-fish” matches. Harriet was successful having the final say so and got the fish away from Ozzie.

The warmer weather has allowed E5 and E6 the freedom to move about the nest exercising their sprouting wings and feet. They stretch their growing bodies up to get glimpses of all the activity going on below. Their curiosity drives them but their fear keeps them from going too far. Harriet and Ozzie not only offered warmth when the evenings cooled but shaded them from the afternoon sun. At times Mom or Dad perched directly above the nest very near and ever watchful over their precious babies. 

All the interactions on the nest are carefully observed by E5 and E6 as they learn skills each day that will give them the tools for their survival. Their instincts and the lessons they are learning from Mom and Dad will serve them well as they very quickly grow into majestic Eagles one day.

Summary by dadsjazz

E5 and E6 on January 5 looking very tiny in the nest bowl. (Mia)
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Not so little E5 and E6 can barely fit under Dad 6 days later. (SWFEC screen capture by dadsjazz)
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Family time on the nest. (Urdognu)
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Video by Urdognu

Ground video by wskrsnwings

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