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Nature’s Life Lessons: Nest Notes for Jan 11-18

Nestmates E5 and E6 have settled into a routine during the first three weeks of their lives. Food is delivered, E5 becomes dominating over E6 and E5 gets the whole meal. Their instinct to fight for food is inherent. Harriet and Ozzie have an interesting style of parenting these two. They do not interfere in the battles beween E5 and E6. Observations may lead some to believe they are encouraging aggression in the eaglets. E5 and E6 appear to be soft and cuddly but they are raptor young and must learn all the lessons they will need for survival. Nature in all its beauty is sometimes very hard to comprehend and watch when things sway in another direction. Nature Cameras have delivered to the human world glimpses of the wonder and awe along with some sad reality that is unexplainable.

Harriet and Ozzie have successfully raised many eaglets over the years and hopefully they are soaring free and strong as majestic Eagles. We humans cannot possibly know the struggles they endure in their moment to moment lives. With keen instincts and valuable teachings from great Eagle parents Harriet and Ozzie, E5 and E6 are well on their way to joining the ranks of those who came before them.

The lesson may be that E5, being first hatched and more aggressive, gets the major share of food. The lesson for submissive E6 could be to learn to avoid conflict and to steal food to get what is needed for survival. Dad provides and Mom teaches with a firm talon and a soft spot for her young. She seemed to ignore the “squees” from E6 as she proceeded to feed E5 to the brim. Under the cloak of night fall and as E5 slept soundly Harriet encouraged E6 with a meal. Observers of Eagle nests report that night feeding is unusual since their vision is not good at night. E6 energetically dove for the food and followed through like a strong eaglet fighting for each bite. To everyone’s delight this has occurred for the last several nights. E6 is gaining courage and confidence.

The most important lesson may be for those of us watching. We are honored to observe their world and see them as they are. They are endowed with the gifts of Nature. Our gift back is to trust the Eagles.

Summary by dadsjazz

Mom feeds E6 again after night fall as E5 sleeps with a full crop. 
(Screen capture from SWFEC by dadsjazz)

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