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Nest Notes: A TRIBUTE TO E5

Eagle life is lived moment by moment. These moments show how they cope with the quick turn of events in their lives. In what seems like an instant E5, an energetic, growing eaglet’s behavior changed. This was not the feisty E5 all have been observing. As submissive sibling E6 began showing signs of strength and courage, E5 was becoming frail. Mom and E6 cradled E5’s calm and quiet body as the brief life of E5 drifted away at 10:15 pm on January 20, 2015.

Some native cultures believe Eagles were sent to humankind to carry our prayers back to The Creator. E5’s spirit has begun the new journey back to The Great Spirit taking our prayers for peace, healing and survival for Harriet, Ozzie and E6. Soar strong and brave E5 in the spirit of E3.

With gratitude and appreciation for all of Nature’s Creations.

E5, newly hatched. (photo taken from SWFEC)
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E5 sitting strong and tall with Dad. (photo by Urdognu)
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E5 and E6 nestmates. (Photo by Shelli22sweet)

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