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New Routines: Nest Notes for Jan. 19-25

Harriet, Ozzie and E6 are adjusting to the new direction of Eagle Family life since the sudden and tragic passing of E5. Their bonds are stronger than ever. E6 has shown great motivation in day to day eaglet activities. E6 has been practicing wing flapping and leg strengthening exercises, all the things eaglets do on their way to becoming regal Eagles. 

Harriet and Ozzie focus all their attention to the protection and nurturing of their precious E6. Great hunting resulted in many meals which E6 met with great excitement, peeping and eating at the same time. E6’s appearance is changing quickly as feet grow and feathers begin to emerge. E6’s has great abilities already tracking Mom and Dad’s arrivals and departures and watching them perched in the tree branches above, chattering away to them. E6 is developing agility and moving things around in the nest for entertainment.

The remains of E5 were removed from the nest by Ozzie and recovered by officials. We may never know the cause of E5’s death. The Eagle Family’s life journey begins with each new day. They live in the moment adjusting to what comes their way. They do what it takes for themselves and their offspring to survive. They do not give up, they do not back down. They are our Nation’s symbol, strong, dedicated, and courageous.

Summary by dadsjazz

Dad and E6 who is growing so big. View from the ground. (wskrsnwings)
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E6 posing for the camera. (Urdognu)
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The Family. (Urdognu)
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Video by Urdognu

Video by Wskrsnwings

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