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Just Keep Growing! Nest Notes for Jan. 25- Feb 1

E6 is 5 weeks old and has had a lot of experiences and lessons over the last week. Some conditions were changing in the nest as the weather turned windy and cooler teaching E6 to lay low and seek the shelter of Mom and Dad. Rains moved into the area and E6 learned that wet meant bath since there is no room under Mom or Dad for E6’s larger body. E6 is experiencing a tremendous growing spurt and E6’s appearance is changing with beautifully developing wings and feathers. E6 gains more and more strength standing for longer periods and gives growing wings good workouts.

Ozzie and Harriet brought an abundance and interesting variety of food items to satisfy E6’s growing appetite. A flopping fish which startled E6, a duck, a rabbit, other types of birds, a bodiless head of some sort and other mystery items all showing that food comes in different sizes, shapes and coverings. Ozzie and Harriet both use every opportunity when hunting to feed their sprouting E6. Many meal times were enjoyed by the whole Family.

Beside her catches of the day, some of Harriet’s additions to the nest were her favorite pine boughs and an air plant that peaked E6’s interest. Grasses were delivered for a nice warm bed for E6’s as the evenings cooled. Seeming to sense E6’s adventurous spirit in looking over the edge of the nest, Harriet and Ozzie continued to bring sticks and branches to rebuild the outer nest rails. E6’s picked up and moved a few sticks around by beak showing agility. E6 is a keen observer of all the surrounding activities and follows Mom and Dad’s example well.

The nurturing of E6 has shown the excellent parenting skills Harriet and Ozzie possess. They not only protect and watch over E6 but also each other. Ozzie tried to swallow a large left over one evening while on cleanup duty. What looked to be a piece of pelt was not going down and not coming up. Harriet sensed Ozzie’s struggle and came to his rescue pulling the pelt from his mouth and throat. Their dedication and perseverance in facing their daily survival is inspiring to all who follow this Family.

Summary by dadsjazz


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