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Making Strides- Nest Notes for Feb 9-16

E6 has made great strides learning skills on the journey to become a majestic Eagle one day. E6 is approaching 8 weeks of age and another phase of growth begins. Harriet and Ozzie have become a finely tuned delivery system to assure E6’s food demands are met. Mom and Dad have introduced E6 to a wide variety of meals that included different types of fish, furry and feathered prey. E6 is developing a keen Eagle eye greeting the deliveries with excitement and watching the preparations of the meals. E6 has attempted to self feed and has had success tearing off small bits and finding morsels to snack on. E6 is becoming more confident and aggressive at feeding time lunging and grabbing the food offerings sometimes getting a hold of Mom or Dad’s talon in the process. E6 managed to steal one delivery and performed the first mantle, which is to extend growing wings over the prey to keep for self feeding. Harriet and Ozzie have tremendous patience and seem to have a sense of pride that their E6 is learning these valuable lessons.

Nest building is an important part of the process and E6 has been moving sticks and other objects around. E6 is a great observer as Mom and Dad continue to add nest material. E6 is gaining strength by exercising wing flapping, taking short hops and standing tall. Larger and darker feathers are emerging and E6’s wings, feet and beak appear almost adult size. E6’s balance improves day by day and the nest edge has been a favorite place to practice causing gasps from nest watchers.

Harriet and Ozzie are nurturing and dedicated Eagle parents and their commitment is resulting in E6 becoming a tall, dark and handsomely beautiful eaglet.  Summary by dadsjazz

Video by Urdognu

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by scyllabub

E6 greets Dad’s delivery with excitement. (wskrsnwings)

Beautiful wing. (MaryF)

(E6 Size) UrdognU

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