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Word of the Week: Wingersizing! Nest Notes for Feb. 15-22

E6 took full advantage of the windy and cooler weather conditions last week. The gusting breezes encouraged E6 to outstretch beautifully growing wings to flap, flap, flap and fly hop around the nest. E6’s wingspan is nearly reaching the edges of the nest which is about 6 feet across. E6 even managed to gain a bit of lift off in the cool wind. These activities will build strength in wing and leg muscles for the next stage of development. During E6’s “wingersize” sessions there’s not much room for Mom or Dad in the nest. Most days E6 has the command of the nest area to use as a launching pad and rest area. E6 is gaining balance, walking and standing upright as tail feathers and wing feathers continue to grow and fill in.

(Photo by Mary F) 

Harriet and Ozzie were busy keeping up with their duties of assuring that E6 was well fed and protected from several curious visitors who buzzed by their territory. Harriet continued to decorate the nest with her favorite pine boughs. E6 practiced with shiny emerging talons to make eaglet play out of pinecones, branches and bones from leftovers. E6 has been exploring and digging around the nest finding tidbits of food. E6 aggressively rushes to meal deliveries and has latched on to a talon or two of Mom and Dad. E6 is perfecting self feeding skills but many times has grabbed the delivery and gulped it down whole. It almost seems like Ozzie is starting the “food drop and go” system for his own foot protection.

(Photo: Anja Edelman) 

Most evenings the Family is together in the nest tree. Harriet and Ozzie continue to strengthen their bond with special moments. They watch over their precious E6 with commitment and dedication. E6’s growth and survival is the fruit of their labors.

Summary by dadsjazz

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Urdognu

Video extra by Urdognu

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