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Baby Steps- Nest Notes for Feb 23-March 1

E6 throws caution to the wind mastering skills learned in these seemingly short 9 weeks. E6’s courage strengthens along with wings, legs and grasping abilities. E6’s is looking more and more grown up exercising beautiful wings in the breezes and fly hopping across the nest jumping higher and higher. Harriet and Ozzie are keenly aware of E6’s activities and have been bringing more and thicker sticks to the nest. E6 seems to be encouraged to take steps up on to those “rails”. E6 has been teetering on the edges more and more and soon may take the leap of faith to one of the inviting branches outside the nest that E6 seems to be eyeing and measuring.

E6 is very observant and mimics a lot of Mom and Dad’s actions. When branches were delivered to the nest, E6 took a part in moving and placing them. When the warm rains came, E6 appeared to be taking a bath dipping one wing down and then the other just like Mom does when she bathes in the pond. E6 was on intruder alert looking to the sky and vocalizing just like Mom and Dad.

Stick Delivery (Photo by Mia) 

Mom still loves to feed her brave baby but will yield to some aggressive behavior, knowing that this will serve E6 well. E6 is perfecting stealing and protecting food. E6 successfully ate a whole fish alone for the first time. Mom and Dad watch their precious E6 and seem to revel in how well the progress has been. They appear to be exceptionally bonded to E6 and to each other. Harriet and Ozzie’s strong imprint will insure that E6 will thrive and survive throughout all future adventures.Summary by dadsjazz

Video by Urdognu

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