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A Turn of Events – Nest Notes for March 15-22

E6 is 12 weeks old and the adventurous spirit becomes more apparent as new perches in the nest tree are reached. The “spike” and the “porch” branch just off the nest were some of the favorite places E6 fly hopped to with the greatest of ease. E6 ascended to the higher “attic” branch above the nest like a pro who had done so many times. E6 managed to climb and fly hop to farther branches and was able to take a short flights back to the nest. E6 has done all the hard work practicing to gain strength, good coordination and agility for the coming first flights away from the nest tree.

(Photo by Donna McMurrer) 

As we catch glimpses into the lives of Harriet, Ozzie and E6 we see the successes and the perils that are part of their daily reality. A turn of events can happen quickly in the moment by moment world they live in. Ozzie was found injured while out on the hunt 3 miles from his nest territory. This is unfortunate for Harriet who is exceptionally bonded to her mate and E6 who depends on Dad to bring home the prey. It may be fortunate in that that the community has gained awareness of the delicate nature of Eagles and especially this Eagle Family. Ozzie was quickly rescued by caring people and officials and taken to a rehabilitation facility for wild animals.

The following days were filled with heavy sentiments as Harriet searched and waited for her loyal mate who hadn’t returned to the nest. As the days labored on Harriet’s instinct to care for herself and E6 took precedence over her obvious confusion and sadness. Harriet being a skilled hunter in her own right, arrived with fish and prey for E6.

(Ozzie at CROW/Photo Credit: CROW) 

The drive to propagate her species is inherent and Harriet the excellent Eagle Mom rose to the challenges she is facing being a single parent. E6’s education is advancing quickly in these difficult times. Mom successfully defended the nest and protected E6 as two intruders entered the nest tree one evening. One sub adult had ideas of spending time the next day with Harriet and E6. They were having none of that as they both shouted out the alert calls to the intruder. Tensions were very high but Harriet was eventually able to drive the intruder away. Calmness was restored, E6 continued exploring the nest tree and perched on the “attic” branch for a time with Mom. Harriet brought branches to the nest and took a bath in their pond.Their salvation may well be living in the moment even through adversity.

Harriet has no way of knowing that her loving mate Ozzie is getting the best of care. Harriet’s courage, strength and determination will help her to care for herself and E6. Healing and positive thoughts are surrounding this Majestic Eagle Family and the hope is that they will soon be reunited.

Summary by dadsjazz


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