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First Flight: E6′s Fledge Day (Nest Notes Special Edition)

E6’s first flight toward freedom was accomplished with great purpose today. All the months of preparation with the guidance of wonderful Eagle parents Harriet and Ozzie presented E6 with the necessary skills and strength for this flight away from the safety net of the nest tree. E6 flew with grace and determination around the nest tree and landed perfectly in a nearby slash pine tree. E6 looked very comfortable perched in the new tree and seemed to have a sense of pride while looking around the pasture from a new perspective. The crows escorted E6 on the initial journey and they flew around E6’s new landing tree several times.

(E6 making it’s first flight away from the nest/Photo: Donna McMurrer) 

E6 made good use of the breezes and lifted away from the new perch and took another beautiful flight around the front pasture back to the safety of the nest tree. E6 landed in the attic branch with great balance and ease. Harriet arrived in the next minute to present E6 with a fish possibly as a reward for the first effortless and beautiful flight. Mom announced her approval of brave E6.

(E6 soaring like a Pro/Photo: Greg Hill) 

E6 will remain in the area practicing more flights and learning hunting and defense skills. Harriet has become the single most important teacher in E6’s life since Ozzie’s injury. Ozzie is recovering and will hopefully be able to return to help with those new lessons. Ozzie’s return would allow him to see the result of his labor of love in raising E6 to the heights of majesty.

Summary by dadsjazz

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Urdognu

E6′s First Flight by Donna McMurrer 

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