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First Flight & Freedom- Nest Notes for March 22-29

E6’s quest for the freedom of flight began this week with a strong takeoff from the nest tree, purposeful first trip around the front pasture and graceful landing in a nearby slash pine tree. E6 relished in the accomplishment for a while then flew back to the nest tree with a perfect landing on the “attic” branch. The new adventures continued throughout the week as E6 developed more stamina and confidence in new found flight skills. E6 discovered new trees in to perch in, performed beautiful sweeping flights and soared to higher heights in the new journeys.

E6 realized the first experience of landing on the ground at the pond to spend time with Mom. E6 took time to try out the new flat “perch” walking and hopping around and exploring with carefree wonder. E6 lifted off the ground with great ease and flew confidently to one of the snag trees in the pasture. E6’s curiosity inspired another visit to the pond area but entrance into the water and a bath are still a future discovery.

Donna McMurrer- E6 Takes off From the Ground

Eagle life has taken a dramatic turn for Harriet and E6 since the injury, hospitalization and rehabilitation of mate and Dad, Ozzie. Harriet has assumed the responsibility of sole provider and caretaker for herself and E6. This adjustment has been difficult since there have been several persistent adult and sub adult Eagles intruding into their territory. There is no clear answer to why these other Eagles seem to have arrived en masse. The intruders even challenge each other for the right to stay in the area. Some have followed Harriet relentlessly despite her adamant protests.

Harriet has earned her stripes as a forceful and protective Eagle Mom in defense of her young and her nest. Her tireless efforts to shun and drive away the visitors has imprinted well on E6 who has also become a fearless defender of the nest and territory. E6 is growing up fast with the absence of Ozzie. There have been a lot of intense encounters as Harriet and E6 fend off the intruders. Physical altercations between Eagles are usually a last resort to avoid injury but Harriet managed to land a beak or talon strike on a few who got too close to further emphasize her dominance of her territory.

Photo by BeagleLove Canine 

Harriet’s exceptional instincts and experience as an Eagle Mom and loyal mate to Ozzie will sustain her as she stands her ground. She lives in the moment and is succeeding to outwit and outsmart the intruders. Harriet excels in her efforts to hunt, feed and protect E6 all the while teaching the importance of fierceness and courage in the battle for territory and survival. 

Summary by dadsjazz

Video by Urdognu

Ground video by wskrsnwings

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