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Trusting in Nature- Nest Notes for March 29-April 5

Eagle Life for Harriet and E6 has taken an interesting direction since Ozzie’s accident and stay in the wildlife clinic, C.R.O.W. The first week was filled with tense moments as several juvenile, sub adult and adult Eagles frequented the nest territory. E6 was entering the critical time of preparing for the initial flight from the nest tree. Harriet seemed visibly confused by the perceived loss of her mate but driven by her instinct to feed and protect E6. Harriet seemed to allow herself a few days to accept and adjust to her new role as single parent to E6. Harriet’s experience and dedication has kept her Eagle family intact for many years and she rose up to the challenges now present. E6 took the first crucial flight with confidence and is continually perfecting flying skills and agility on ground and branch movement. E6 has become a formidable presence in the nest territory defending the home turf. E6 successfully flushed out and drove off a few of the suspicious visitors. E6 spent time as an adventurous young Eagle frolicking at the pond and searching out new trees and perches within and outside their domain.

In the first weeks of the constant barrage of curious visitors, there was one stand out adult Eagle who visited frequently. Observers believe that the visitor may be a young male looking for food, a mate or just the company of other Eagles. Initially it appeared that the visitor was seeking food when it managed to steal a fish tail from the nest as E6 dined and Mom stood guard. Harriet and E6 drove the visitor away over and over again, but the visitor persisted and returned time after time. The visitor took to following Harriet on her daily ventures and chased away other sub adult and adult Eagles from the nest territory. This may possibly have helped clear the traffic in the area and enabled Harriet time to hunt and continue with the education of E6 to Eagle life.

Events in nature seem to have purpose and meaning. As Harriet watches over her territory from perches near and far, her keen eye is always on the actions of all who venture in. Perhaps Harriet felt no real threat from the frequent visitor and allowed it to remain in the area. Harriet, E6 and the visitor perched in the nest tree overnight on a few occasions. Her tolerance of the visitor is carefully balanced with caution. It is doubtful that Harriet is looking for a mate at this time since nesting season is over for the most part. Harriet may only know that Ozzie is gone and that they may meet again for a new season as they have many times before. The hope is that Ozzie will be rehabilitated and will return to his Family.

The lessons may be for all concerned. Harriet’s lesson may be that there can be helpers along life’s journey. E6 has aced many lessons to date. The visitor may have acquired a few tips on how to fit in to an Eagle Family. The lesson for those of us observing may be to trust in the events of nature. The advent of cameras on Eagle’s nests allows us to catch glimpses of their strength, courage and perseverance in their survival. We observe the losses and the successes that are their daily reality. The only thing we can be assured of is that there are no sure things in nature. Summary by dadsjazz

 Video by Urdognu

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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