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An Eagle’s Life: Nest Notes for April 5-12

E6 has become an adventurous explorer of the nest territory and beyond. As each new day dawns E6 has a renewed reserve of energy and an endless sense of wonder. E6’s education to Eagle life is being well absorbed. On many days the nest appears to be used for E6’s dinner table and occasional overnight stays. The nest also serves as a launching pad on journeys to all points of the territory. E6 has taken to the wide blue yonder soaring on the thermals lifting higher and higher. The feel of freedom must be exhilarating as time seems to stand still for E6’s flights. Circling, diving, climbing, gliding into the nest are all flight skills E6 is mastering. E6 is growing into a fierce defender of the territory and nest tree. E6 is not into the spirit of sharing the pond with the herons, ducks and wood storks wading there and proceeds to chase them away.

Harriet has been an excellent provider for all of E6’s needs. Harriet being a great hunter in her own right has delivered many fish and prey. E6 is learning to eat every morsel and to do it fast all while being aware of the surroundings. Harriet’s efforts to keep peace in the territory may have seen her more tolerant of an adult Eagle’s presence in the area. The visitor has also shown E6 the importance of guarding a meal and eating fast as it grabbed the meal away from E6. Harriet stood watch as the events unfolded and then flew off to defend E6 by chasing the visitor away. Harriet seems comfortable but cautions of the adult visitor. They are seen many times perched together and also times when Harriet has no interest at all. E6 is not as fond of the visitor, vocalizing and fending the visitor off at times.

The amazing life of E6 and Harriet has evolved since the injury and rehabilitation of mate and Dad Ozzie. Harriet’s focus has been on E6 and all the crucial lessons to be instilled before E6 departs on the self discovery of Eagle life. There are many opinions on the dynamics now being seen with what appears to be an extended Eagle Family. While we who observe hope for a fairy tale ending to the saga, we can be reminded that the story seems to never end, it continues in directions we can never imagine. Summary by dadsjazz

Video by Urdognu

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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