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Exploring the Great Unknown: Nest Notes- April 12-19

E6 greets the early mornings with eagerness and is discovering new and interesting experiences within and outside the nest territory. E6’s curiosity and drive for adventure is apparent in the skies and on land at the pond bank. E6 enjoys lengthy flights sweeping through the clouds and back alone and at times with Mom. E6 even finds entertainment with the small knots and knurls on the tree branches landing on them, pulling off bits and pieces and at times tumbling off only to regain flight and try it all over again. E6 retains the joyfulness of a young eaglet but has lost much of the innocence of youth. E6 has emerged from the trials and tribulations of growing up Eagle with many skills. As Dad Ozzie recovers from injuries, extremely capable and experienced Mom Harriet imprints her bravery, dedication, nurturing and defending spirit on to her strong and forceful E6.

Harriet has introduced a variety of prey items for E6’s education in food sources. The most comical item was a turtle which proved to be a challenge for E6. After a while E6 gave up on opening the package, leaving the turtle to recover and walk off the nest on its own journey. There have been many creatures and critters venturing into the nest and nest tree while E6 is off exploring. A female Muscovy duck thought it might take up residence in a space below the nest until Harriet denied the attempt. A brave squirrel scurried around the nest and branches and avoided becoming the next meal. Many small birds provide clean up duty in the nest eating ants and other insects that also clean up leftovers. Another juvenile Eagle landed on the nest tree and was quickly escorted away by Mom. Crows and shrikes bombard and give chase to E6 as they defend their own nests and young.

Many events in nature are interconnected. E6 is learning to use the many opportunities presented to add to the lessons of survival. As Harriet tolerates the adult Eagle which appears to have become a fixture her life, E6 seems to become less accepting. The adult Eagle may be there for the purpose of providing companionship to Harriet and continuing education for E6. E6 has become a fierce protector of food and the nest as the adult Eagle has become competition. This defense of self, food and territory will serve E6 well in the continuing journey.Summary by dadsjazz

Video by Urdognu

Ground video by wskrsnwings

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