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Nest Notes: A Week of Firsts & Feats

 E6 is building a growing list of accomplishments and successes as Eagle life lessons continue. Observations of many “firsts” and feats occur daily. E6’s expanding horizons include beautiful soaring to the upper limits and playful frolicking at a new found pond away from the nest territory. “Yonder Pond” holds many fresh and enticing experiences. E6 delights in walking around the banks of the new pond grabbing and carrying anything that piques interest. E6 seems to have taken ownership of Yonder Pond practicing defensive and also offensive skills. E6 has driven off ospreys, a family of ducks, and even interrupted another adult Eagle with a juvenile Eagle at the pond bank. E6 has a commanding presence in the nest territory and beyond.

Days of plentiful food deliveries were followed by a few days of none. In the wild Eagles may not find food every day. E6 has learned to eat everything presented and to do it fast. Harriet arrived with food to an empty nest on one occasion, waited for E6 to arrive and then proceeded to eat the meal herself. E6 was off on an adventure missing out on the meal. Harriet has become the sole provider and teacher of E6 as Dad Ozzie is still recovering from his injuries. E6 seems to regard the constant visiting Eagle as a competitor for food and Mom’s attention.

E6 has begun to perfect hunting by securing armadillo remains for the first time and flying to the nest with dinner. The most astounding feat was the first capture of a squirrel and return with it to the nest. Brave E6 spent a first night away from the nest tree in another pine tree in the pasture. E6 is ahead of the learning curve for young Eagles.

E6 has a curious and inquisitive nature and finds the camera strap attached to the nest tree as an interesting plaything. The rebounding action is a good work out to help strengthen E6’s neck and leg muscles. E6 misjudged a tree limb landing upside down but figured out how to right the situation. E6 has taken note of all that has been presented by nature, Mom and Dad and even mankind and has found many ways to adapt them to Eagle life. Summary by dadsjazz

Video by Urdognu

Video by wskrsnwings 

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