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Exploring The Great Unknown- Weekly Nest Notes

The pasture was without the familiar “squees”. Harriet appeared to be searching. E6 had not returned to the nest area overnight and was not seen the next day. Had E6’s time to begin the biggest adventure arrived? Sentiments were mingled with sadness for one journey’s end and joy for the new journey ahead. E6 is well equipped with necessary skills to thrive in the realm of Eagle life. Harriet’s dedicated nurturing and education of E6 throughout the trial and tribulations in their lives has proven to be tremendously successful. As a single parent of E6 during the critical time in the learning process she deserves all the glory. Dad Ozzie continues to make progress in his recovery and would be amazed at what an accomplished young Eagle E6 has become.

The day ended with the reality of E6 off to explore the world settling in. As fast as E6 seemed to disperse, that familiar “squee, squee, squee” announced E6’s arrival to the nest tree. E6’s sojourn lasted 26 hours. New and exciting places must have been discovered. Harriet and E6 seemed happy to see each other and Mom showered E6 with a fish head gift. Harriet and E6 spent more time together through the week soaring into the clouds and perching in other pine trees in the pasture and beyond.

E6 is finding ways to get food by catching a squirrel and stealing from the crows. The other birds now view E6 as a threat to their nests and are relentless in their attacks as they chase E6 every chance they get. The constant presence of the other adult Eagle serves as a lesson for E6 to protect and defend the nest territory and the food. E6 has no fear of the adult and has driven him away many times.

E6 finds solace and adventure at “Yonder Pond” and spends many hours there. Mom continues to provide food for E6. She returned to the snag tree with an enormous fish that fell to the ground when E6 rushed to grab it. Mom retrieved the fish and E6 was treated to a first meal on the ground. The adult Eagle waited for the perfect time to distract E6 and dove in for the steal. Mom arrived at the scene too late. E6 looked bewildered that the adult Eagle had done it again. It was another good learning experience for E6.

The time is drawing near for the next chapter to begin. Until then, the saga of Harriet, Ozzie, E6 and even the adult Eagle has proven to be an inspiring story of survival against all odds. Summary by dadsjazz

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