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Mother’s Day Tribute to Harriet

Harriet deserves top honors in her role as Eagle Mom. Her dedication and commitment to raising her young is even more evident this season. This year was filled with many challenges for Harriet but she persevered and carried out her Motherly care of her Family. As observers we have witnessed situations that may have caused the strongest of us to give up, but not determined Harriet.

Harriet and Ozzie began readying the nest for the season in the fall as they have done for many years. They work as a finely tuned pair and their courtship and bonding rituals are endearing. Harriet approaches Ozzie with her love tap and he responds lovingly in kind. Harriet is the dominant partner in the relationship as female Eagles are. Ozzie serves as the nest builder, provider and protector as male Eagles do. They share in the raising of their young. Harriet is the thread that holds it all together.

The nesting season was filled with great joys along with many difficulties. Harriet overcame her balance problems to care for her precious cargo. She came to the aid of Ozzie who looked to be choking on a pelt. Harriet and her nurturing way fed E6 at night when E5 competed for all the food during the day. Harriet’s tenderness overshadows her strong demeanor. The sudden death of E5 appeared to bring tremendous sadness to the Family. Harriet set aside her sorrow and carried on to assure the survival of E6. What may have been the final blow to the Family came when Ozzie was injured and found unbeknown to Harriet. In her world she lost her mate. The sight of her searching and waiting for Ozzie’s return was heart wrenching. Harriet’s survival instincts for herself and E6 were even more apparent as she became the sole provider. Harriet raised E6 to be the healthy and strong young Eagle ready to begin the journey of discovering Eagle life and what is has to offer. There is no doubt that E6 will fare well in the world armed with all the wonderful skills instilled by Mom and Dad.

The first weeks after Ozzie’s injury were turbulent with intrusion by many Eagles. Harriet was overwhelmed as she hunted for herself and E6 and defended her nest and territory alone. One adult Eagle became a constant presence in her life. The adult Eagle may have helped serve as a protector driving away all the other Eagles. Harriet tolerated this adult Eagle who also helped teach E6 many valuable lessons in protecting food and territory.

There are many theories about the adult Eagle as he becomes more comfortable in the nest and territory since E6’s departure. Some think that he is courting Harriet. Another thought is that he may be young and inexperienced. Perhaps Harriet’s role is one of teaching and being a Mom to this Eagle, too. There are no guarantees in life and especially Eagle life. We have seen their world change in an instant. We will never know what the next moment or chapter will be for the Family. We have learned to trust Harriet and her excellent instincts as a loyal mate, teacher and Mom.
Summary by dadsjazz

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