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A Tribute to Ozzie

We celebrate the life of Ozzie the Eagle devoted partner to Harriet and protector of their many offspring. Ozzie valiantly endured the many challenges of Eagle life with tenacity and courage. He displayed fierceness in defending his territory and gentleness tending to his young. 

Mystery surrounds the workings of nature. We observe, record and study trying to understand life as an Eagle. Ozzie taught us the way of the Eagle is to propagate and protect their species at all costs. The plight of the Eagle is to survive and thrive in harsh realities of daily life. Ozzie’s example serves to remind us why the majestic Eagle is the symbol of strength and freedom.

Ozzie’s inherent warrior spirit drove him to attempt to recover his territory and mate. The forceful fight may have decided his fate.

Ozzie’s legacy will carry on from those who came before him to the offspring he successfully fathered and reared. Beloved Ozzie’s memory will be forever etched in our hearts.

Native American lore speaks of the Eagle as the connection between man and the Creator. Soar to the ultimate height Ozzie and carry our prayers with you to The Great Spirit.

In loving memory of E3 and E5.
Summary by dadsjazz

Video by Urdognu
Ozzie Defends From Intruder For 1 ¾ Hours

Ground video by wskrsnwings
Behaviors Are Not Always As They Appear
So Blue The Moon~So Quiet Harriet~Fly Free Ozzie

Image by Desiree Deliz/Design by SWFLEagleCamBecause of viewer demand, we have created specific items of Ozzie for sale in our Zazzle store. You can view them here:

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