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Nest Notes: Harriet Leads by Example

Photo by Jan WoodsPhoto by Jan Woods

Harriet is a well seasoned Eagle partner and Mom. She has excelled in her ability to adapt to her challenges and raise her young. She has imprinted many lessons on to her offspring as they grew into strong juvenile Eagles who ventures off into the world. Harriet always seemed to rule the roost, so to speak. Female Eagles appear to be the dominant partner in Eagle family dynamics. We observed Harriet in her gentle but also firm ways in raising her young and her sternness yet caring ways of handling her partner Ozzie. Harriet patiently teaches all who enter her realm the way of the Eagles. When M15 arrived in the territory last March, he seemed to be an inexperienced sub adult Eagle following his instinct to begin the new journey of finding a mate. Over the last several months M15 stayed close by Harriet and seemed to mimic her every move. M15 learned many necessary skills in the wild for the first 4 or so years of his life. He will now have to fine tune these skills as he learns how to build a nest, procreate and raise eaglets. He will have to learn how to share the responsibilities of incubating eggs and feeding the family.

M15 looks to be on the right track with some awkward moments in finding the right branch and getting it back to the nest. Harriet has shown M15 with her example as she gracefully grabs a branch off a tree in flight and returns to the nest. Stick placement in the nest is also important as high rails will be necessary to contain newly hatched eaglets. Harriet has much to show M15 on “nestorations”. M15 has been seen lying in the nest on occasion maybe either remembering his days as an eaglet or checking the nest for needed material. M15’s courting practices are improving. Harriet encourages him as she approaches him with her vocals, wing flapping and tapping him with her foot. M15 seemed to be put off by these actions at first but is now engaging in mating in the guise of bonding. M15 has grown up quickly over the last few months and is learning well. Harriet and M15 have been observed soaring, perching and bathing side by side. All of these interactions between Harriet and M15 are building the bond between them that is necessary to insure their loyalty to each other and the success of raising a family together.

There is mystery and uncertainty in the Eagle world. When Harriet spent the overnight hours in the nest there was no “usual” explanation. Only she knows the reason.

Harriet and M15 are solidifying their bond, the nest is being renovated and M15 is learning the ways of Eagle family life. Harriet is a dedicated Eagle mate and Mom and is proving to be a valuable example for M15.

Notes by dadsjazz

Photo by Susan Ann Carter KrammerPhoto by Susan Ann Carter Krammer

Ground video by wskrsnwings

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Harriet on the nest 2:42am


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