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Strengthening the Bond- Weekly Nest Notes

The early mornings have been filled with vocal exchanges. Harriet and M15 have been spending more and more time together working on the nest and practicing their bonding/mating. Their flights off the nest tree and away from the area together may be hunting and fishing expeditions. Harriet is possibly showing M15 the secret fishing places along the way. There are many things to be readied before eggs will be laid. Harriet continues to exert what looks like dominance over M15. Harriet needs to be assured that M15 will be a loyal mate and provide for her and their young.

M15 has been honing his skills on branch and stick delivery to the nest and Harriet voices her approval. Harriet continues to bring her favorite pine boughs. The nest is looking inviting and hopefully ready to welcome babies. M15 is diligent in defending the territory. Several immature Eagles ventured into the territory and another pair of Eagles perched nearby from time to time. As other birds soar through the pasture both Harriet and M15 vocalize their warnings and make it known that this is their domain. M15 escorted a beautiful young Eagle out of the area in his patrolling sweep of the pasture.

Harriet was viewed spending time in the nest overnight which seemed unusual. In the past Harriet was seen for longer periods of time in the nest when she was ready to lay eggs and after they were laid. She may have been taking advantage of a restful night’s sleep as M15 watched over the territory. At day break Harriet was on with her day and all was fine. With the cameras and 24 hour access we are learning daily there is not a “usual” way things go in the Eagle world. Harriet knows her role well and continues to educate M15 and the viewers. May we continue to watch the progression of the lives of Harriet and M15 as their bond grows stronger and trust the ways of the Eagle.

Notes by dadsjazz


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Birdbrain56

Video by Uta Grobe

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In loving memory of Ozzie, E3 and E5

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