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Weekly Nest Notes: Team Work

The nesting season is progressing and the possibility of eggs looks promising. Harriet and M15 have been steadily working on nest enhancements bringing larger branches for railings and some soft nesting materials for eggs. Their teamwork is paying off as the nest takes shape with the beginnings of a nest bowl. M15’s instincts are in full force as his skills in branch choice and arrangement are sharpening. Harriet seems to still be in charge when they wrangle over the right placement of nest material. Their bond as a mated Eagle Pair will continue to evolve as they prepare for a new generation of Eaglets.

Harriet is a great example of Eagle Matriarch. Harriet’s vocals and approach encourage M15 every step of the way. She lets him know in her way what she likes and never hesitates to show him what she doesn’t like. Their commitment strengthens as they continue their bonding and mating rituals. Harriet was able to secure a cattle egret catch initially made by one of the hawks frequenting the pasture. She mantled her meal and let it be known to M15 that she wasn’t sharing.

M15 uses his keen eyes to keep careful watch over the pasture. Harriet and M15 are always aware of another Eagle Pair who visit on the edge of their territory. They quickly arrive at the scene to alert them that this territory belongs to Harriet and M15. The other pair respond with their vocals, go off on their way and all is well again in their domain.

Nature has provided Harriet and M15 with all the necessary instincts to ensure their success. We observe and learn how their teamwork and cooperation becomes finely tuned to aid them in their journey. 

Nest Notes by dadsjazz

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