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The Nature of Eagle Life- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 are following nature’s calling by continuing to build their bond and rebuild the nest to welcome a new generation of eaglets. Harriet instincts are solid as she surveys the nest each morning and takes flight to a nearby tree to find just the right branch. Harriet prefers to break branches and sticks from trees and M15 seems to have a stash of soft grasses and sticks in the pasture that he picks from to deliver to the nest. M15 has watched Harriet grab a branch and break it off the tree in flight and has tried it on his own. M15 continues to improve on his skills in “nestorations.”

Eagle life follows a natural progression toward preservation of their species. Harriet and M15’s life together is moving in a positive direction. They become closer as they perch together over night, fly off one after the other to begin the day’s activities and spend time together working on the nest. M15 has been a great defender since his arrival. Harriet and M15 are on high alert as the territory has been visited by several juvenile and immature Eagles. One of the young Eagles perched in the nest tree with Harriet for a moment much to her disliking. As egg laying time approaches they will be less tolerant of any visitors.

M15 is devoted to Harriet and the territory. Harriet is accepting of his contributions and seems to voice her approval. M15 has presented food for Harriet in the nest proving that he will provide for her and their soon to be offspring. All the necessary skills are apparent in young M15 in his quest to become a strong Eagle Dad. Harriet is a well seasoned Eagle Mom and their journey together is unfolding beautifully as nature intended.

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