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It’s All on Eagle Time- Weekly Nest Notes

The meeting, the courtship, the preparations, solidifying the bond and beginning a family is all about timing. In Eagle life natural instincts dictate when such things occur. Harriet and M15’s beginning was interesting to say the least. Harriet was not looking for a mate when M15 arrived on the scene. The natural timing may have been off. Harriet was raising her eaglet E6 and waiting for the return of her mate Ozzie, who unknown to her was injured and in the care of a wildlife hospital. Over the months before and after E6 fledged and left on the journey to becoming an adult Eagle, M15 provided protection from many other interested Eagles entering the territory. 

The meeting may not have been the most pleasant welcome for M15. E6 did not tolerate him and Harriet was less than cordial much of the time. M15 persisted, was constantly close to Harriet and defended the territory. These dedicated actions have endeared M15 to Harriet. Their courtship seemed long since nesting season was still a few months away. Throughout the summer months M15 followed Harriet and seemed to mimic many of her ways. He is a young Eagle and this may be his first attempt to bond with a female. It was time for his instincts to awaken. M15 has demonstrated his loyalty and dedication to Harriet. He is comfortable and familiar in their territory and defends it well. His nest building is better each day. M15 has been delivering fish and prey to the nest for Harriet who is very appreciative.

Harriet and M15 may seem to have taken a leisure approach in continuing to build their bond. No eggs have been laid at this point but all the indications look like they may be coming. As observers we watch and speculate about what is going to happen. Harriet and M15 continue on their course and the timing will be as nature intended. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Video by wskrsnwings

Two Sticks~One Mating~Away At Sunrise
A Cool & Quick Morning~Nest Work-Mating-Stick
A Flurry Of Sticks Then M15 Flies~Harriet Stays At The Nest
Nestorations & Watchfulness Continue~GHO & Falcon Are Not Welcome
M15 Visits The Horses
Their Bond~His Confidence Grows Stronger With Each Stick
Listening In The Dark~Vocalizations Tell The Story
“Meet-Ups” In Flight & In Perch Spots~Two Matings 11-29-15

Video by Birdbrain56

SWFL Eagles ~ Very Busy Eagles ~ 11/24/15
SWFL Eagles ~ Afternoon & Evening Hi-Lites ~ 11/24/15
SWFL Eagles ~ I Love This Stick ~ 11/25/15
SWFL Eagles ~ Mating, Feather Nibbling & Role Reversals ~ 11/25/15
SWFL Eagles ~ Hollering, Hauling Lumber & Mating Do-Overs ~ 11/27/15
SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Slideshow ~ 11/27/15
SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Slideshow ~ 11/28/15

Video by EagleEye Hallock

SWFLC A Intruder By the Nest 11-28-15 5:07 pm
SWFLC M15 bring Harriet A big Fish

Video by Lady Hawk

SWFL Eagles ~ Some sticks & early morning bonding 11- 23- 15
SWFL Eagles ~ M15 laying in wait 11 25 15
SWFL Eagles ~ Tug of fish, Attempted Steal and Mating 11.28.15

Video by Scyllabub

Both to nest, mating on branch, M15 fetches sticks, both leave – SW Florida Bald Eagles
Intruder early morning, Harriet on nest calling, M15 joins, mating – SW Florida Bald Eagles
Good mating in the early hours of the morning – SW Florida Bald Eagles

Video by Uta Grobe

11-23-15 18:00 nest work and M15 twitching tail feather from Harriet
11-24-15 17:20 Harriet see her evening fish coming deliver from M15
11-26-15 16:10 M15 deliver a afternoon fish and was on guard if H was eaten
11-26-15 17:27 M15 deliver his rest evening fish to Harriet
11-27-15 16:23 M15 fly in with fish short food battle Harriet eat the fish alone
11-28-15 17:58 Intruder alarm M15 follow the intruder

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