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Keeping with Nature’s Plan- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet continues on with her innate desire to build the bond with M15 and produce a new generation of Eagles. The bond has been developing over time and there have been many critical steps in the pairing of these two. M15 has been very energetic in his efforts to please Harriet. He has become more consistent in delivering meals to the nest for Harriet. He has been bringing softer nest material to welcome any possible eggs. M15 keeps his protective sights on the territory turning away any potential intruders. His loyalty to Harriet is evident and she appears to be appreciative.

Rainy weather over the last week may have dampened progress in nest building but did not deter Harriet and M15’s mating and bonding. They perched together through the wet days and nights in the Old Cam Tree and the nest tree. They were seen in some of their favorite perch places away from the pasture. One very windy night Harriet retreated to the nest and observers were anxiously waiting to see an egg. She tucked her head under her wing and slept well as M15 stood watch. When Harriet woke up she stepped up to the veranda branch and surprise, no egg. Harriet draws us in with her actions and being a savvy Eagle Mom, she leaves us guessing many times.

Harriet and M15’s have many neighbors in the pasture from horses to wide variety of other winged residents. Muscovy ducks inhabit the area and stake claim to what they think is their territory as the males were having a scuffle among themselves on the pond. In an effort to protect his mate, one brave Muscovy drake tried to warn off M15 at the pond bank by approaching him with flapping wings. The shrikes, crows, grackles, and other birds fly at Harriet and M15 as each protects their own believing that this is their territory. Harriet and M15 rent space under their nest to starlings to build nests there making for a good relationship with them and surrounding them with song.

Eagle life carries on for Harriet and M15 and their actions point to them staying the course and following through to eggs and eaglets. The drive to procreate is ingrained in Harriet and M15 as they work together toward success. There is little doubt that they will not accomplish this but it is all on Eagle time. Notes by dadsjazz

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