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Timing is Everything- Weekly Nest Notes

Early morning vocal greetings can be heard in the pasture. Harriet and M15 roost in the nest tree and occasionally on the old cam tree overnight. As the pasture awakens with activity, M15 is off to find nest material while Harriet stays close to home. Lately M15 has been very efficient at bringing a food and prey to the nest for Harriet. She graciously accepts the meals and eagerly eats as M15 stands guard and waits for a morsel or left over. One day M15 proudly delivered a fish but Harriet was nowhere in sight. He patiently waited for her return while protecting the fish. This showed great restraint and maturity by M15 since he did not eat the fish in her absence. M15 is also getting better at standing his ground with dominating Harriet as he brought a fish and decided he wasn’t sharing. He kept the fish from Harriet by displaying a mantle over it. M15 must first feed and take care of himself so he is strong enough to provide for Harriet and a possible family. A few days later he delivered two fish in quick succession to the nest to Harriet’s delight. M15 is proving himself to be a great provider. His young and awkward ways are now replaced with confidence and stamina.

All the steps seem to be in place. The nest looks ready, Harriet and M15 have been mating regularly and M15 is protecting the territory and hunting. In the past Harriet laid eggs in November but since M15 has become her new mate the timing may be off. M15 has been honing his skills and preparing to be an Eagle Dad. Harriet has been encouraging M15 along the way. Harriet’s instincts dictate her desire to be an Eagle Mom. Her bond with M15 is strong. The timing is up to nature. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

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