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Special Delivery- Nest Notes Extra Edition

Harriet’s maternal instincts have come to glorious fruition as she layed her first egg of the nesting season. The much anticipated event took place at 4:25 pm on December 19, 2015. Harriet spent overnight in the nest as blustery and cooler weather arrived in the area. In the early morning Harriet moved to perch on the old cam tree. M15 arrived and was lying in the nest. They then flew off toward the South East together. Later Harriet and M15 returned to the nest with a sub adult Eagle following behind. Harriet and M15 went into alert mode when the sub adult buzzed by the nest a few times but then eventually left peacefully.

Harriet brought her favorite pine bough décor to the nest and M15 brought more grasses. In the afternoon M15 flew to the nest with a huge fish and Harriet on his tail vocalizing all the way. She devoured the fish and remained in the nest except for a short fly about and pond visit. Harriet had a full crop, the nest looked inviting and all were tuned in. Was Harriet ready?

Harriet seemed a little antsy, did lots of stick and moss moving and dug in the nest bowl creating a nice egg cup. Was it time? Being the seasoned Eagle Mom she is, Harriet got into position and presented her gift. Her expression was priceless as she looked at her egg for the first time. The beauty of the event was amazing to witness. M15 returned to the nest tree and peered with serious curiosity at Harriet in her new position in the nest. Harriet’s soft vocals drew M15 to her in the nest and he greeted her surrounding her with moss. Does he know there is a precious cargo in the nest?

Harriet’s resilience, strength and patience have carried her through difficult times over the last year. M15 has grown into a formidable and majestic Eagle who’s time has come to be a first time Dad. Harriet’s story now continues in another direction. She will share her journey with M15 and the experience of raising young together to further strengthen their bond and commitment to propagating their species. All is calm and all seems bright. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

“Forget The Eggs” ~ M Brings A SubAdult Home To H 12-19-15

Video by Lawlin72


Video by scyllabub

Harriet lays M15’s first egg, here are glimpses – SW Florida Bald Eagles

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SWFLEagles ~ First Egg of Season 4 at 4.25pm ~12-19-15

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