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A Family of Four- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 welcomed their precious babies this past week. The bond they created over the last months and constant caring for their eggs presented them the gift of two rambunctious hatchlings. As E7 and E8 emerged from their shells, M15 appeared to be immediately smitten with the sight of his offspring. He arrived on the nest to curiously peer under Harriet to get a glimpse of the tiny beings. Soft and tender vocals between M15 and Harriet seemed to communicate the specialness of the events. Harriet with all of her expertise assumed Mom mode in her care of their beloved Chicks.

M15 seemed overwhelmed at his first try of Chick sitting. M15’s instincts and eagerness are serving him well as he practices feeding the Chicks for the first time. He seems to genuinely enjoy his time with them. Awkwardness is replaced with surety and maturity as he delivers fish and prey to feed his family. Harriet has lead by example and encouraged M15 along the way. She entrusted their new babies to M15 and he fulfilled his role superbly.

E7 and E8 are assured nurturing and protection from these two dedicated Eagle parents who work together in wonderful harmony. M15 has melded into his role in this Eagle Family. M15 has been referred to by many names since his arrival last year. The names are of no consequence as these cherished Chicks look to him as Dad. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

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