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Learning the Way of the Eagle – Weekly Nest Notes

Nest mates E7 and E8 are finding their way as they grow at a rapid speed. New features are taking shape as they begin to sprout new feathers and little tails are emerging. They begin to flap their growing wings and stand up at times on almost adult size feet. Their curiosity is peaked as they are now over a foot tall and able to peer over the nest rails at the world beyond the nest. E7 and E8’s needs are becoming greater and Mom and Dad have stepped up the food deliveries.

Eagle life for E7 and E8 is filled with daily lessons in survival. Eagle young hatch into the world with many programmed instincts. Harriet and M15 have a big task ahead of them as they nurture their impressionable offspring. E7 being the oldest chick is more dominant and has been the most assertive when food is delivered. E7‘s instinct is to get the largest portions. E8 is submissive and appeared down for the count at times but the strong will to survive pushed through. E8 instinctively avoided conflict and waited for the right moment to lunge toward a bite offered with good result. These actions help E8 to build courage and to fend off the advances of E7. E8 teetered on the edge of the nest rails during a feeding with E7 approaching. As all held their breath Mom lured them both back to the safety of the center of the nest. E8 has even learned to spot morsels of food left over to claim for a snack. Small hurdles crossed become miraculous success.

Mom and Dad are excelling in rearing their young. They rarely intervene in the battles between them since they instinctively know their offspring must learn valuable skills. These scenarios have been played out in Eagle’s nests for many years. The vision of eaglets struggling to thrive seemingly against all odds is a testament to the strength instilled in raptor young. The lessons are difficult for humans to witness but they are necessary to survive in the wild. It is the way of the Eagle. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk

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