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Growing Stronger- Weekly Nest Notes

Nest mates E7 and E8 are progressing each day as young eaglets. E7 has been mastering aggressiveness and is mostly first to eat at meal delivery. E8 gains courage and learns new ways to get to the food by staying out of the way and slowly making a move when the time is right. E8 is becoming more assertive and eager grabbing a good share at mealtime. All these skills are valuable for young Eagles to learn for their survival. Their growth and lessons are in high gear as Mom and Dad provide nourishment and guidance.

E7 and E8 have natural curiosity in their near and far environment. They are picking up and moving sticks and grasses to help Mom and Dad with “nestorations”. E8 searches the nest for any leftover food morsels. They waddle to the nest edge to peer over at the outside world. Wing flapping in the breezes and standing tall for longer periods all help them grow stronger each day.

Harriet and M15’s bond grows stronger as they care for their young. They have managed to spend some time together at the pond and perched in some of their favorite place. Their view is always focused on their nest and the precious cargo it holds. M15 has grown into a strong Eagle Dad and Harriet continually demonstrates the strength she possesses as Eagle Mom. All the bonds are strengthening daily in their growth as Eagle family. Nest Notes by dadsjazz


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