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Progressing and Practicing- Weekly Nest Notes

E7 and E8 are developing many new Eaglet behaviors and practicing these skills. There are subtleties in their growth and progression each day that are amazing to witness. E8 is honing stealthy ways to avoid stronger more aggressive sibling E7 and to get a share of the meal offerings. E8’s speed and courage increase with each bite grabbed and fear is fading.

M15 is an excellent hunter and provider for the family. Harriet, a seasoned hunter in her own right, has also done her fair share in meal selections. There has been a diverse menu of items. All opportunities for food are considered as fish by the dozens have been served as well as a wide variety of furry and feathered prey. Carrion opossum has been delivered numerous times and many UFOs (unidentified food objects) have been brought in and eaten with eagerness. E7 and E8 are building strength in growing feet and beaks as they begin the motions of self feeding.

Beautiful feathers are replacing the silky grey down in E7. E8 is still a few dark feathers behind. They flap growing wings in the warm breezes building strength for future flights. E7 and E8 already have keen senses and awareness. They set their sights on anything flying by the nest canopy. They track and greet Mom and Dad arriving on the nest hoping for food. They are standing upright and walking for longer periods of time. E7 takes part in “nestorations” moving grasses and sticks that are delivered by Mom and Dad. E8 forages the nest for bits of food. Harriet and M15 are imprinting the ways of Eagle life on their growing babies. All of these tasks and skills will serve them well in their journey for survival. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

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