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Eagle Education Continued- Weekly Nest Notes

E7 and E 8 are learning their Eagle lessons and are getting top honors. They use their beautiful wings to flap away in the breezes. E7 is catching good air time making it across the nest in sweeping fly hops. At times it looks as if E7 lands on a tree branch but it is one of the higher nest rails. Space becomes limited in the nest as they are nearly adult size and E8 let E7 know it wasn’t appreciated to be landed upon. Grasping and carrying things in the nest is another level of coordination for them. They practice with pine cones and prey bones and have found the camera strap to pull on. E7 and E8 are perching on the nest rails getting a feel for different size branches. Their awareness is sharpened as they observe all that goes on around them.

E8 has become confident at mealtime and is lightening fast to mantle the deliveries. Mom and Dad have both been mobbed almost going over the side as E7 and E8 rush in for the food. At times E7 seems to be stunned at E8’s fierceness. They both are using their strong beaks and bodies getting into tugging battles for the prey with each other and Mom and Dad, too. Meals have been dropped off for them to figure out how to self feed. They are doing well in this category as they steal back and forth and play keep away. Harriet is still more apt to feed her babies. Sometimes Dad arrives with a catch, takes the food away with him and then returns it. He may be showing them that they must hold onto their food and eat it fast or it will be gone. E8 gets best in class for snagging the fish tails. All these lessons and more are preparing E7 and E8 for their future survival. Harriet and M15 succeed daily instilling in them the ways of Eagle life. Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk

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