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First Steps to Freedom- Weekly Nest Notes

E7 mustered up the courage to take what must have felt like a giant leap from the security of the nest for the first time on March 29 at 10:08 am. E7 experienced the taste of freedom using the “veranda” or “step up branch” for beginning the new adventure. The spark is ignited and E7 is gaining more and more confidence leaving the nest and seeking out other nearby branches. E7 discovered the “spike branch” and the “porch branch” moving between them and back to the nest with ease. Wing strength continues to build as both flap away and get air time with the help of the strong winds. E8 is closer to taking that first giant step following big sibling E7. E8 performed mighty “wingersizing” and nearly landed on the spike just off the nest showing determination to get to the next level.

E7 and E8 have surpassed many milestones in their development. They have heightened senses and awareness. Their self feeding has improved along with protecting and aggressively competing for food. E8 has become a master of the steal engaging in food battles. E8 is not the timid eaglet of the past. They carry prey and sticks and nest material around the nest as coordination with feet and beaks is achieved. Preening and self caring abilities are improving.

Harriet and M15 have unselfishly shared the tremendous responsibilities of raising these two active and inquisitive eaglets. M15 has done an outstanding job as provider and protector for his family. Harriet appears relaxed and content as she perches watching over babies. Mom is always on duty and ready to swoop in to guide them along their journey to independence and freedom. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Official First Branch by E7. Video by Lady Hawk

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Birdbrain56

Video by Lady Hawk

Video by UrDogNu

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