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A Week of “Firsts”- Weekly Nest Notes

E7 and E8 are excelling in their skills and many milestones are being realized along the way. E8 had been observing E7’s technique fly hopping from branch to branch all week. E8’s big event was to step up to the spike extension branch just off the nest for an official first “branch”. E8 continued to develop courage moving back to the nest and then a first hop up to the veranda branch. E8’s confidence was boosted and an effortless first trip to the porch branch was accomplished. E7 and E8 displayed their quest for freedom as they gained flight strength and agility exploring the nest tree branches. E8 is becoming fearless in the battles to get and keep food deliveries. E8 was first to mantle and grab several food deliveries keeping and eating the whole meal. All behaviors important to survival in the wild are being honed by E7 and E8.

E7 graduated to short flights higher in the nest tree to outer branches and back to the nest. All indications pointed to readiness for flight. E7 tip toed to an outer point on the nest tree and seemed to dance in the breezes as the small branch broke. E7 instinctively flew to the old cam tree in a beautiful first flight landing there perfectly. E7 looked surprised and elated to be on Mom and Dad’s favorite perch tree. Although it may have been an accidental fledge, E7 proved ready for flight as the trip back to the nest tree was intentional and flawless.

Harriet and M15’s first rearing of two strong and healthy offspring together is a most amazing accomplishment. This may be M15’s first time as Dad and his efforts have been stellar. Harriet and M15 have nurtured and protected E7 and E8 and are ensuring they will be well equipped on their first journey to becoming magnificent Eagles.Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk

Video by UrDogNu

Photo by Donna McMurrer

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