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Small Steps, Giant Leaps and Beautiful Flights- Weekly Nest Notes

E7 took the first daring flight to the Old Cam Tree then seemed to spend a day contemplating the accomplishment. The call to flight and freedom won over E7 and as the week progressed E7 grew in confidence and stamina. Beautiful flights were executed around the pasture as E7 discovered new trees to perch in and dance among the branches like a pro. E7 frolicked in the new found sensations of flying to the pond and other snag trees. Another first was realized as E7 was bombarded and chased by the crows in the pasture and self protection instincts engaged. By week’s end E7 was flying with purpose and agility landing in the high nest tree branch to perch with Mom. E7 approached Mom and Dad when they were on the tree branches and seemed to want to show them the new skills learned.  

E7 Taking Off from OCT- Donna L McMurrer

E8 made progress building wing strength and confidence fly hopping with ease between the porch and spike branches. E8 watched older sibling’s flights around the pasture maybe hoping that one day soon they would be flying together. E8 took the next giant step making it to the higher attic branch for the first time and enjoying the views from there. E8 performed a perfect landing back in the nest thinking that Mom delivered food but it was only grasses for the nest. E8 gained courage getting to and keeping the food drops from Mom and Dad. One such day E8 impressively mantled and grabbed three deliveries. E8 has proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Dedicated Eagle Mom Harriet still likes to take special care of her “babies” feeding E8 one evening like she did in the past. E7 accomplished another new behavior by taking a food item out to the porch branch to eat.

Mom and Dad spend time away from the nest allowing their grown “babies” to be more independent. They will continue to provide food for E7 and E8 until they leave for good. Many times the food is a “drop off and fly away” since E7 and E8 are nearly larger than Mom and Dad and rush in to mob the delivery. E7 and E8’s beaks, talons and wings can be dangerous now.
It is a reality in Eagle life that changes can happen in an instant. The way of the Eagle is to adapt to whatever comes their way. This Eagle Family has shown their resilience in dealing with many changes. A section of the nest fell away and more nest material dropped through the week. There is a now a smaller version of the nest and both E7 and E8 have adjusted to less area. The hope is that Harriet and M15 will rebuild the nest when E7 and E8 are off on their journey. The story will continue to unfold in the lives of this amazing Eagle Family. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

E8 Hanging in Nest Tree (Photo by Donna McMurrer)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk

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