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The Rewards of Adventure- Weekly Nest Notes

E7 has been building quite a list of accomplishments exploring nearly every branch in the nest tree and discovering new perches in the trees in the pasture. Flights from take off to landing are becoming more finely tuned as agility and stamina increase. E8 is gaining momentum exploring the outer and higher branches of the nest tree for the first time. E8 has progressed in short flights between the farthest branches and has no doubt sensed the feeling of flight while hovering above the branches. There have been interesting interactions between the siblings as they perch together. E8 studies the movements of E7 seeming to yearn to follow. There are times that look as if E7 entices E8 to join in their flights. Both E’s have perched on branches with Mom and Dad appearing to want them to see their progress. The sense of adventure and curiosity in these young Eagles holds great rewards of freedom and independence. Soon E8 will be realizing the freedom of flight for the first time.

Food drops had been plentiful and then a few days passed with no food. Observers of nature have many speculations but no way to understand the realities. There may be days in E7 and E8’s future travels when they will not find a meal. This is a reminder of their struggles in the wild. Lessons of patience, protection and aggressiveness in stealing, hiding food and eating quickly are being mastered by E7 and E8. These skills and many more are essential for their survival.

Timing becomes crucial as the nest is slowly disappearing and E8 begins perching on the attic branch overnight. The remaining nest is used for an occasional resting place for E7 and E8. Food has been brought to the nest but it is apparent that there is not enough room for 2 very grown E’s and Mom or Dad. Mom’s talon was fair game at one delivery and Dad slipped off the side while trying to save the fish. E7 was observed taking a vine from under the nest, flying with it around the pasture trees and eventually taking it back to place it in the nest. This may be a first time seeing a fledgling bringing nest material. Mom has also delivered grasses but usually rebuilding begins after E7 and E8 are off on their own.

Lessons and the honing of skills are still in the works for E7 and E8 in the coming weeks. Harriet and M15 will continue nurturing and encouraging their impressionable offspring in the development of vital tools they will need in the next leg of their journey. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk

Video by UrDogNu

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