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Discovery and Freedom- Weekly Nest Notes

Eagle Life continues to unfold for Harriet and M15’s family. E7 is amassing a long list of valuable accomplishments under the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad. E7 practices long flights away from the pasture following Mom and Dad on adventures to “Yonder Pond” and beyond. Daily exploration has allowed E7 to discover the feel of solid ground and the refreshment of water at the pond. E7 successfully captured a crow to show Mom and eat at the nest tree. Dad and E7 battled over a fish and E7 displayed fierceness in winning the prize. E7 is armed with many survival skills and will soon be off on the journey to freedom and more discoveries of the ways of the Eagle.E8’s journey takes a new direction in the care of a wildlife facility. After E8 was attacked by an owl and disappeared for nearly week, brave rescuers found E8 in grave condition. E8 is making healthy strides and healing with help of the staff at CROW. The road to recovery may be long for E8 but there is confidence that Harriet and M15 have raised strong eaglets capable of survival amidst the perils of the wild.We as humans have natural curiosity of all things in nature and cameras allow glimpses of the beauty and the struggles of wildlife. We are hopefully learning to be conscious of our contributions and are becoming better stewards of nature and it’s preservation. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Sharon Dunn

Video from CROW

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