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Weekly Nest Notes (Oct. 9)- Weathering the Storm

Harriet and M15 have been steadily at work in the early mornings constructing their new nest which has grown tremendously in size. In a little over one month the nest looks inviting and nearly ready for eggs. An impending storm halted production briefly. Harriet and M15 had not been seen in the territory the day before the storm was predicted to arrive. Studies have shown that wildlife have instinctual abilities to stay out of harm’s way. They may have filled up on food and sought protection from the approaching storm. Fortunately the storm’s impact was not severe but it brought rain and wind. Harriet and M15 were back the next morning looking well fed with full crops ready to protect the nest. They each delivered a few sticks spending most of the day watching over their territory. Their intricate work proved sturdy and the nest held fast through the stormy conditions.

Mornings were back on track as Harriet and M15 greeted the beautiful sunrises and resumed construction. Their branch choices and aerial acrobatics in capturing these branches are amazing to see. They fly at the tree and grab the branch that sometimes doesn’t break. They have ended up hanging upside down for a few seconds, releasing and flying away. A lot of grasses and moss have been added and the nest bowl is taking shape. Both were observed lying in the nest bowl to test it out. M15 is showing great skills as a nest builder. Harriet adds her favorite fresh pine branches. Their work together has been an engineering feat. Harriet still wants the last word in stick placement and the two have had a few discussions. M15 stands his ground but Harriet usually wins.

Evening hours find Harriet and M15 in the pasture visiting the pond or perching together in the nest tree or one of their other favorite trees as the sun sets on another busy and productive day.

Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Mom trying out the nest bowl. (Anja Edleman)

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Birdbrain56

Video by Lady Hawk

Video by Uta Grobe

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