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The Best of Nature- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15’s mission to build their nest appears to be right on target. They have gathered many types and sizes of branches and nest materials. The delivery of a small branch or clump of grass may not seem to make a difference in the scheme of building but Harriet and M15 have selected each addition with purpose. There have been “discussions” and “disagreements” over where to place the items but as teamwork prevails, each delivery found its proper place. The interior of the nest bowl is being lined with soft moss and grasses to hold their soon to be arriving eggs. The larger branches delivered over the week have been woven carefully around the perimeter of the nest designed to keep eaglets contained and safe.

Harriet flew from across the road with a branch that resembled a small tree. It took a lot of energy and she made a stop in one of the other pines to reposition her load. She made a successful delivery to the nest. Harriet has also added an assortment of fresh pine boughs and air plants. M15’s sticks and moss arrivals seem to happen minute by minute. Layer by layer the home of their future eaglets becomes comfortable, safe and strong. Harriet may not have built a nest from scratch in many years and this may well be M15’s first attempt. Their building blueprint is instinctual and their result is becoming a work of art.

M15 arrived with what may have been a first meal to the nest and proceeded to eat it since Harriet did not join him. They took time out of their construction project to share time together perching and special bonding moments. They keep guard over their valuable territory with displays of strength and intensity.

As we witness nature at its best, we may have thoughts or ideas of how things should be or when they should be accomplished. Our lesson is that this is the way of the Eagle and it is all on Eagle time. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Harriet and M have a discussion about construction. (Sharon Dunne)


Ground video by wskrsnwings

Cam video captured by Birdbrain56

Cam video captured by grisabella63

Cam video captured by Lady Hawk

Cam video captured by Uta Grobe

Harriet flies across the road with a large branch in tow. (wskrsnwings)

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