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Strengthening the Bond- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M 15 have made great progress on their nest as the time for egg laying nears. What was an empty space in the nest tree a few short months ago now holds a beautifully constructed nest. They continue to add sticks and nest material daily. M15 has grown in his maturity over the past year as he hones nest building skills. His prowess as Harriet’s mate is in full bloom as they share bonding moments, times perched together and delivery of fish gifts for her. They follow each other on the hunt for the perfect stick or nest material. They were observed flying back to the nest simultaneously with their branch choices. All these actions further strengthen their devotion to each other and their future offspring.

Harriet at times takes the lead in their mating ritual as she asserts her dominance with her love tap to M15. She also seems to need the final say so on where a stick will be placed in the nest. M15 stands his ground but may realize life is easier when he yields to Harriet. The female Eagle is the dominant partner in the relationship. She wants to ensure that her mate will be loyal to her. Harriet does voice her pleasure with M15 at times and appears to be very content with him. They are an amazing Eagle pair whose bond grows stronger

Nesting season is a critical time for Harriet and M15 and their territorial instincts are in full force. Where they may have tolerated an occasional visitor the area, it is now off limits. They warn off any intruders and keep another Eagle pair in the vicinity at bay

Excitement is building as Harriet and M15 make all the necessary preparations to welcome a new generation of eaglets. Their tireless efforts will soon have rich rewards. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Love Tap by Sharon Dunne


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Cam Video by Birdbrain56

Cam Video by Lady Hawk

Cam Video by Uta Brobe

Tandem Stick Drop by Wskrsnwings

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