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Dedication and Teamwork- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 are working as a finely tuned team readying their beautifully constructed nest to welcome a new generation of eaglets. All signs point to them achieving their goal as they prepare. They both continue to find the materials needed for the nest as they maneuver through the pasture and the trees around the territory. Harriet was observed lying in the nest overnight. M15 takes his turn at checking the nest bowl looking very comfortable. M15 ramps up food deliveries to the nest which will prove crucial when eggs arrive. He provided a variety from fish to squirrel to opossum and waited for Harriet to arrive. Most times Harriet was right on his tail voicing her approval and being very appreciative of the meal. Bonding and mating are becoming more frequent. Harriet and M15 take turns watching over the territory and spending time away from it. They are a united front in defense of their property. These actions are good indicators that egg laying time may be drawing near.

M15 has become an impressive mate for Harriet and his skills as protector, provider and nest builder are serving her well. Harriet seems to have a sense of calm about her and she appears to have enormous trust in M15’s loyalty.

Harriet and M15 continue to display their devotion to each other. All these actions ensure they will be dedicated parents to their soon to be arriving offspring.

Nest Notes by dadsjazz

M15 delivers a huge fish for Harriet. (Beth Jones)


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Cam Video by Lady Hawk

Cam Video by Uta Grobe

Harriet and M15 perched together. (Karen Stewart) 

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