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The Journey Together- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 are closer to accomplishing their goal. They have constructed a very sturdy and comfortable nest together over the last few months. M15 tests out the nest bowl after each addition of grasses and mosses. His strength has grown and he never seems to tire in his efforts to find and deliver large branches for the nest rails. Harriet continues to bring sticks and her favorite fresh pine. She seems to have more confidence in M15’s nest building under her watchful eye as she perches and preens while he works away.

M15 provided for Harriet each day with a special delivery meal to the nest. Harriet eagerly accepted the prey and seemed to be appreciative. She will depend on M15 for future food deliveries when their eggs and young are in the nest.

Harriet and M15’s time shared together at the pond bathing, perching side by side over night and mating are more indications that soon new life will be welcomed to the pasture. A juvenile Eagle stopped by the nest tree to visit M15 who was very tolerant of the youngster. Some secretly may have thought E7 or E8 were checking in. We will never know for sure.

Harriet seems to be becoming a home body staying in the pasture more. This year they both seem to spend more time at the pasture pond. Last season they were mostly away at Yonder Pond across the road. Harriet and M15 have developed a true closeness and bond to each other and to their territory. Their commitment to each other grows allowing them much success in their journey together. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

A day in the life of Harriet and M15. ( Sharon Dunne)

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Cam video by Lady Hawk

Cam video by Uta Grobe

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