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Feathering the Nest- Weekly Nest Notes

The sun rises on another beautiful day and the pasture awakens. Harriet and M15 welcome the early morning with vocal greetings. They have perched overnight side by side mostly in the nest tree this week. They stretch and preen and engage in mating to begin the day. M15 hops down to the nest to survey the nest bowl. A lot of soft moss and grasses have been added this week. Harriet follows and adds her touches as she aerates the nest bowl. They are readying the nest for soon to be arriving eggs. Harriet’s time to lay eggs in years prior to last year was in November. Behaviors may point to her getting back to that time frame. Regardless, we know that eggs will arrive when she is ready.

M15 has displayed beyond all expectations his abilities and capabilities as an exceptional mate for Harriet. Harriet welcomes the delivery of a wide variety of menu items daily. M15 shows his eagerness to please Harriet and provide for her needs. Although Harriet seems confident in M15, she still asserts her dominant ways to ensure that he will be loyal to her and their offspring. This loyalty is critical when their eggs arrive. M15 will play an integral part in the incubation of eggs and rearing of eaglets. Thoughts were that last season was his first time being an Eagle Dad. He did an excellent job and will be even more experienced this time. His list of accomplishments continues to grow.

Harriet appears content and calm as she spends more time in the nest area. Her proven role as Eagle Mom is well documented over the seasons. Her actions are purposeful and stern as well as loving and nurturing. Harriet’s devotion to her mate, her young and her nest and territory are unquestionable. She perseveres through adversity keeping the family together. She is the ultimate Eagle Matriarch.

All the experiences in Eagle life prepare them for the continuance of their species. Harriet and M15 are well equipped and on the course to do just that. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Photo Above by David Eppley 

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Cam Video by Lady Hawk

VIDEO EXTRA by Lady Hawk

Cam Video by Uta GroBe

Photo Above by Desiree Deliz 

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