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The Waiting Game- Weekly Nest Notes

The countdown to eggs has begun. The nest has been constructed, Harriet and M15 have been mating regularly, M15 delivers meals for Harriet and all systems seem to be a go. Anticipation grows waiting for the arrival of precious egg. The parents to be seem to spend more time together closer to the nest as the time nears. M15 makes the dash for sticks and soft nest material to put the finishing touches to the sturdy and sound nest he and Harriet have built together.

All eyes are fixed waiting for the arrival of the next generation of eaglets from these two dedicated Eagle Parents. Is today the day? Only Harriet knows! Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Cam Video by Birdbrain56

Cam Video by Janet Adams

Cam Video by LAdy Hawk

Cam Video by Uta GroBe

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