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It’s a Team Effort- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet’s soft vocals in the predawn hours let M15 know that she would soon be departing from her incubation shift. Mom takes the overnight duties while Dad stands guard in the outer attic branch. They are a well coordinated team caring for their precious cargo. Harriet carefully rises up, looks at their Eggs and hops to the porch announcing her “Good Morning” vocal to the pasture. M15 quickly arrives in the nest to resume brooding. Harriet flies off to a nearby snag or the far off poles stretches, preens and leisurely enjoys her morning break. M15 takes his duties seriously as he patiently and carefully tends to the nest and his Eggs, gently rolling them and settling back to incubating. Upon Harriet’s return M15 takes his turn off and at times returns with nest material or fish for Harriet. They have both been to the pond for a drink and to have a soothing bath.They take a moment for each other to strengthen their bond by mating. They have a heightened sense of alert and rush to fend off any threats from intruders.

When M15 buried Egg 1 last week thoughts were that the egg may have been lost. After Mom laid Egg 2, she worked at uncovering Egg 1 and it appeared to be intact. Since that time they have both gently and purposefully cared for both Eggs. They have unselfishly protected their Eggs enduring hot sun during the day and unrelenting bugs through the night Their dedication in tending to their Eggs is an amazing sight to see. The coming and going of Mom and Dad is like a well choreographed dance. In a few short weeks we will know the result of their shared efforts. Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

SWFEC Cam video captured by Birdbrain

SWFEC Cam video captured by Lady Hawk

SWFEC Cam video captured by Uta GroBe

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