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Timing is Everything- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 have been incubating their eggs around the clock with well timed changes in their duties. The switches were quicker since the air was a bit cooler. The turning of the eggs and aerating of the nest bowl is an ongoing process throughout day and night. Mom seems to spend more time brooding, taking the night time duties. At dawn she softly calls out to M15 who is usually in his spot right above the nest. They change positions and Mom vocalizes her “Good Morning” to the pasture. They sometimes meet for an instant on the old cam tree during their exchanges. Each takes their role seriously as Mom and Dad patiently spend hours incubating their precious eggs.

Sub Adult Eagles have visited the nest tree and the territory over the weeks. Harriet seemed to tolerate one such beauty for a long time. She vocalized to let them know to keep their distance and when the Sub Adult moved closer she voiced her alert. Some thoughts were that it may have been an offspring but we will never know for sure. Sub Adult Eagles have been known to return to the vicinity their natal area. Juveniles and Sub Adults may also associate a nest with food and may be looking to scavenge a meal. All worked out well, Harriet protected her eggs and the Sub Adult got the not welcome message.

M15 continued to deliver sticks and moss and an occasional meal for Harriet. Harriet spent her free time perching and preening on some of her favorite spots. Mom and Dad are usually never far away, keeping the nest and territory within their view. Their constant vigilance for each other, their eggs and future offspring is a testament to their dedication.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Beautiful Sub Adult visits Harriet in the nest tree. (Screen capture from SWFEC by Karen Stewart)


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video captured from SWFEC by Birdbrain56

  • SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Returns for the Night ~ 12·05·16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Visit From a Sub Adult ~ 12·05·16
  • Video captured from SWFEC by EagleEye Hallock

  • SWFL Eagle Cam M15 is on the nest with a few rolls Now Currently On The Nest: Harriet
  • Video captured from SWFEC by Lady Hawk

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Incubation Shifts 12.5.16
  • SWFL Eagles ~~ Harriet’s Brood Patch; Eggs; M15 Snag Tree Visit 12.5.16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Sub Adult Visits While Harriet is on the Nest 12.5.16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M15 So Wants to Incubate at Night 12.5.16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Brings Grasses to Nest 12.6.16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Grass, Sticks & Incubation Changes 12.7.16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Beautiful Eggs; Harriet Returns for the Night Shift 12 7 16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Rolls Them; M15 Hides Them 12.8.16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Fish for Harriet; OCT & Power Pole Visit 12.9.16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ The Argument 12.9.16
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Incubation Shifts & Grass Delivery 12.11.16
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