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Taking Turns- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15 have each taken their turn incubating their eggs, carefully turning and rolling them at regular intervals. They aerate the nest material by pulling it up from the bottom and turning it over. They patiently brood their eggs for hours on end and eagerly step up to take their next turn at egg tending. The cycle goes on without a hitch with well timed exchanges. Many times they pass each other with a brief vocal acknowledgement saying possibly, “Your Turn”. Mom and Dad have each taken their turn to relax and enjoy free time to visit the pond for a bath, to soar and to perch in their favorite spots around the territory.

M15 has proven his skills as he has turned into a masterful provider, nest builder and protector. Appearances may be that not much is going on in the nest but the subtle changes show that time is drawing near to welcome new life. Dad has delivered fish and prey to the nest and continues bringing grass and sticks. Their work is never finished. Harriet and M15 have turned into a well synced and loyal Eagle couple striving to continue their legacy through out the twists and turns of Eagle life.

Nest notes by dadsjazz

Mom flying back to the nest for her turn at incubating. (captured from SWFEC by Sharon Dunne)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video captured from SWFEC by Birdbrain56

Video captured from SWFEC by EagleEye Hallock

Video captured from SWFEC by Lady Hawk

Video captured by Uta GroBe

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