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Growing Strong Quickly- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 is just over a week old growing stronger under the care and watchful eyes of Mom and Dad. Harriet shared in the hunting earlier in the week delivering fresh and still flopping fish to help stock the pantry. M15 continued to bring sticks and grasses to the nest. M15 also brought fish and his creative prey choices of which some were unrecognizable.

Mom and Dad are meeting E9’s nutritional needs well with continuous solo and tandem feedings. E9’s development is progressing quickly as eaglets gain about a pound every five days. E9 will begin to get thermal down feathers to keep cool or warm as needed. Eagle young grow faster than any other North American bird chick. Hatchlings are about 3 inches in size and weigh around 3.2 ounces. In a few short weeks E9 will be nearly a foot tall and will have a beak and feet that are almost adult size. E9 will grow to about the size of Mom and Dad at 8 weeks old.

The weather turned rainy and cooler and Mom got good rest overnight while keeping E9 snug and warm. Dad took the night watch perched above his family protecting them. E9’s precious little “feed me” peeps will soon turn into louder “squees” wanting more food please. E9 tracks and watches Mom and Dad’s movements and actions as these early lessons become imprinted. Mom and Dad work together as great Eagle parents providing all that is necessary for E9’s growth and survival.

Harriet and M15’s main focus is now on E9 but they continue to care for the other egg. The time for hatching has now passed for reasons unknown. The egg is beginning to break down and may be covered becoming part of the nest or be removed or consumed by Mom and Dad at their discretion. The Eagles know best and have been rearing young for centuries. Our task is to respect them and behold the miracles as they unfold in their own time and purpose. Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Ground Videos by wskrsnwings

Video captures from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Sweet Goodnights; Pond & Grasses 1-2-17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ A Gentle Loving Feeding for E9 1-2-17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Fish in the Pantry; Dual Deliveries 1.2.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ A Bite for Me; A Bite for You – M15 Feeds Harriet Fish 1.3.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~Live Fish for Little E9 1.3.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Sweet Eagle Dreams 1.4.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Armored Catfish; M15 Helps Harriet Feed E9 1.4.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ 3rd Fish of the Day 1.5.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Fish Galore 1.5.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Grasses & Fluff for E9 1.6.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Pantry is Full; Fish & UFO’s 1.6.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Dual feedings for E9 1.6.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Rules the Nest 1.7.17
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Catfish Supper; M15 Still Rolling the Egg 1.7.17

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