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Change is in the Air- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 turned 4 weeks old and was treated to a fish gift from Dad that was received with energetic excitement. E9’s changing appearance and growth are occurring in dramatic fashion daily. E9 is sporting new thermal down and emerging wing, contour and tail juvenile feathers. E9’s feet and beak are approaching adult size and E9 has been picking at prey but not quite able to self feed. Standing upright and taking a step or two is helping to build E9’s leg muscles and coordination.

Bold and persistent juvenile Eagles and other intruders have ventured close to the pasture and were met by Harriet and M15’s united and fierce defense. They have been on high alert as they protect their precious cargo. Mom and Dad have changed up their usual morning and evening routine. Dad spent some of the overnight hours perched in the front pine near the nest tree possibly allowing a wider view of the area to deter any possible intruders. Mom maintains her vigilant care of E9 serving as shelter from rain and wind.

Harriet and M15 spend moments perching together in a favorite tree or soaring the skies near the nest tree, but they are never far away. Hunting and fishing have been plentiful to provide for E9’s growth and development. E9 will continue to change and thrive under Mom and Dad’s watchful eyes and excellent charge.

Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Mom, Dad and E9 family feast. (Screen capture of SWFEC by Cathy Fincher)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video captures from SWFEC cam by Lady Hawk

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